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Assessments include a thorough general evaluation and include a full written report with recommendations. Fees are fixed according to whether the assessment is a single, dual or a multiple discipline assessment.

Consultations address a specific concern and include a verbal summary. Fees are dependant upon the prorated hourly rate of the specialist performing the consultation.

Fees for ongoing therapy are prorated at the current hourly rate.

Fees are due at the completion of each session and are payable by either cheque, cash or on-line. Full GST receipts will be issued if required.

Medical Insurance

Paediatric Therapy Limited is a private company and no medical referral is required for our services. Health insurance plans may cover part or all of the therapy services but some health insurance companies require a doctor's referral to qualify for reimbursement. If you will be seeking reimbursement, PTL recommends that you check with your individual insurance plan prior to the first contact.